Amanah Dedicated Server Hosting at Toronto – 3 Month Review

I was looking for a Toronto based collocation hosting for my own business. After visiting a few data centers in Toronto, I decide to go with Amanah Tech who primary offers dedicated hosting service in Toronto (GTA).

It’s a long story about how I find them. I recalled a conversation with their sales and he was kind enough to provide me a competitive price to fit my own server into their cage. In facts, I liked Amanah’s data center where locates at 151 Front Street West which is one of the best data centers in Greater Toronto Area. It’s easy accessed by TTC subway or Go Train and only a minute walk from Union station. Perfect for me who needs to come in to perform hardware upgrade or maintenance regularly.

The Plan

I purchased their collocation service which come with 1U space, 1 Amp,  5 IP, and 30TB bandwidth. That’s a lot of bandwidth! Bigger is always a plus. I brought my server to them on Friday and their technician promised my server will be online by next Monday. Surprisingly, I received my server information on Sunday. Great job to setup my server over weekend.

At the same time, they also offer dedicated server hosting which perfect for people who does not want to own and maintain their own hardware. They constantly run promotion on their site. If I remember right, the promotion price was around hundred dollars for a Dell server with X3440  Quad core processor + 8GB memory+ 500 GB HD. Not a bad price for running a dedicated web server to host hundred of websites/applications yourself using this machine.

The Network

The data center promises 99.9% up-time (99.9% on power and network). Since I signed up in last December, I had never experienced any single downtime (continue keeping this record!) yet. The network is fabulous, the speed is blazing fast. It constantly posting me ~90Mbps download and 50Mbps Upload.

The Support

Support ticket response is reasonable quick. They also provide a 1800 phone number where you can dial in for any sales and support inquiry. However, I prefer using ticket system which save both of our time. Whenever I need to come in to the data center to perform hardware upgrade on my own hardware. I just need to make an appointment the day before I go which is very convenient for me.


Amanah is a great dedicated hosting company for Torontonian. If you want a Canadian based hosting company with superb speed, reliable network and reasonable price. I have no problem to recommend Amanah.

P.S. This is a after 3 month usage review. I plan to do another review after 6 month or 1 year which will give review more comprehensive and accurate.


  1. Super fast Network
  2. Reliable Data Center
  3. Excellent location in GTA downtown
  4. Lots bandwidth allowed
  5. Customer-oriented service


  1. Setup Fee (talk to sales to get it waved)
  2. Long wait time to enter data center during rush hour