WebNX Dedicated Hosting Review – 1 Year

If you are in the hosting market for years, WebNX will be a name that you constantly hear. They are not only a dedicated server provider in the West side of north america, but also the vendor of some of smaller hosting company from VPS to Dedicated Hosting.

I knew them because the VPS company I used was using WebNX’s hardware and network. While the size of development projects grow, I need to look for a dedicated server with high percentage up time, also has quick network speed across Asia and America. Therefore I sign up for their dedicated plan.

Perhaps WebNX puts more time on client’s inquiry or hardware configuration, some of the pages on their website are still “Under Construction”. Although it does not look professional to me, but I had done my homework and saw a number of good feedback from their customers. So that does not stop me making order from them.

The Plan
WebNX offers wide range of dedicated server plan. Range from multi-servers setup down to one single server. I was looking at their clearance server that comes with Quad core processor and 8 GB ram, it seems more than good enough to run my application. However, the only concern was the 5TB bandwidth they was offering to the plan. Since the application does not requires high bandwidth I decide to make my move.

To purchase a package, you have to email their sales with the spec you want for your hosting environment and the sales will send you a customized order page to fill it in. That seems less professional compares to most of other hosting company with streamline sign up process, in facts it works no problem to me.

The Performance
The performance is excellent. It never appear an issue to me over a year use. The following image worth a thousand words about how fast it runs.

The network reliability is super. Over a year, there was only 1 downtime. (however it was a long downtime which is more than 12 hours) But the way they react to downtime was professional. With their 99.9% SLA promised, you are entitle to get some money back if the downtime went below 99.9%. I would recommend WebNX to anyone who wants to host mission critical application that needs to be run 24/7.


  1. Super fast Network
  2. Reliable Data Center
  3. Customer-oriented service
  4. You pay what you get


  1. Not huge bandwidth