Load Json List Using Jtemplate & Asp.Net MVC

Asp.Net MVC’s controller offer a way to return in Json format. You can take the JsonReult returned from controller and populate it into the view using Jtemplate, a template engine written in jQuery way. also a perfect “client solution” to display Json data into a Asp.Net MVC View.

With this template engin in jquery, it display list of json data via ajax call so that the page does not refresh. It not only makes the user experience much better without waiting page to refresh, but also save traffic(loads faster) by returning only Json data and let the javascript to perform the rendering.

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New Hosting, New Name

Finally, I had my blog moved to the new hosting. Besides that I gave the new name to my blog. It’s “Tien’s Blog” instead of “Platformular’s blog” which “Platformular “was the name of my Dev house. 

There are a few projects I am working on right now as well as blog articles. Hopfully they will be published soon.

Change to new blog hosting

It is troublesome when you start fighting spam for website, application or even this Blog!

There were a couple hundreds of thousands spam comments I deleted last week. Originally I was going to filter every comment and make sure that the useful comments can be posted. However, there were just too many spam comments to read through so I have to manually write a “delete *” sql commend against the MySQL.. (free up more than 4GB in disk space..LOL)

I am thinking to move my blog to wordpress.com where I can just concentrate more on writing instead of maintaining. If you have any ideas/suggestion about good blog host. email me at tien@platformular.com. I am looking to migrate my blog in 2 weeks

As the same time, I have a number of request about my blog articles and hopefully they are coming out at the same time when my new blog’s ready 🙂

Send Text Messages in your application in C#

Sometimes, you want to do something that more than c# can do. In one of my projects, a deal bargain website requires to send out text messages to alert their members when pre-defined keywords match with the new deal submitted. It’s a great use of text messages alert to shopper who are looking for a particular keyword in the deal.

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Create A Dashboard Experience In Asp.Net MVC

In most of the time while creating a web application, a secured section for administrating the application is always needed. Something like a control panel or back end of the website(One of my client even call it a database!). No matter how you call it. You do not want to display a bunch of links when you first entered. Instead, you want to show useful data, important notifications or graphical reports using pie or bar chart before they decide where to go in the application. Therefore, a dashboard is needed for that purpose.


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Load Google Chart by Ajax using Asp.net MVC and jQuery

If you are looking for a modern chart tool in a modern browser, you must not not to know the free one that offer by Google – Google Chart, is a HTML5/SVG technology to provide cross-browser compatibility (including VML for older IE versions) and cross platform portability to iPhones, iPads and Android. No plugins are needed. Don’t get confused by the image chart offered by Google, which was another chart tool. Now the new HTML5 Google chart provides more interaction and better rendering to users .googlechartaspnetmvc Continue reading “Load Google Chart by Ajax using Asp.net MVC and jQuery”